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In 2016 I was hospitalized on and off for the entire year with a stomach illness that three different hospitals and a team of doctors couldn’t solve. I got so tired of dealing with the same problem for so long without any answers that I pulled the IV out of my arm one night, got dressed, and never went back.

Eventually the problem wasn’t just my stomach anymore. The skin on my hands started to peel and dark patches were developing all over my body. I felt ugly. Couldn’t stand what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

So I covered my body with art.

Tattoos turned out to be a temporary solution. Still couldn’t hide whatever was happening to me. None of the products I found on the market gave me any relief. That drove me to develop my own.


Not only did I heal my own skin, it’s worked for others that have been struggling with similar irritations as well.


While building the brand I became vegan. That was never a conscious decision. Once I slowly regained an appetite I noticed the only time my stomach gave me any problems is when I would try to introduce meat and dairy back into my diet.

The pain you experience in life is necessary in order to understand your beauty, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Wipe the blood from your lips. You’re not dead yet.
Not yet.

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